What Rebranding Can Teach You About Yourself

Last week, I launched my new website (yay!). If you’ve ever rebranded, you know that the process teaches you a ton about the work you do, the people you hire and the way you want to show up with clients. Here are a few of my biggest takeaways.

Be prepared to spend some time on the “easy” stuff.

When it comes to your own services, sometimes it’s harder to work for yourself than it is to work for anyone else. Your expectations are higher. And so are the stakes.

Your future clients look at the work you create for yourself as an example of the type of work you’ll do for them. This is the same reason why you don’t hire a hairstylist with a Donald Trump comb over (unless you want to end up with one!).

This concept hit me pretty hard during my rebrand. As a content strategist, I really struggled with creating content for my own website. I knew clients would look at my site and say “is that what she’ll do for me?” I wanted them to feel confident in the answer.

The Takeaway: When you’re doing a rebrand, know that you’re going to spend a little extra time in your zone of genius. Because getting it right matters (and it also takes time).


Need some help? Check out your Facebook newsfeed.

When you’re thinking about the team you want to bring together to make a rebrand happen, you don’t start googling things like “San Diego photographer”,  “social media expert” or “branding strategist”. You think about the people you already know whose work you love.

This is where Facebook comes in handy. And I’m not talking about your Facebook business page!

Sharing your work on your personal Facebook profile is something most business owners have strong feelings about — you either love it or you find it a total turnoff.

I occasionally share business updates on my personal Facebook profile, but it’s not because I think my friends are going to hire me. It’s because I know that if my friends know the quality of my work and how much I love what I do, they are often my greatest source of referrals.

Facebook is how I first connected with Josh Mitchell who became my photographer, Jeff Underwood who became my videographer and Melissa Mitchell who became my office stylist.

I loved the work they were sharing on their personal Facebook profiles and I followed along as they worked with (and WOW’d) their clients. When it came time for my rebrand, I knew I wanted to work with them — no googling or cold calling required.

The Takeaway: Your best referrals often come from people you already know. Make sure they know what you do!

Results are expected. Experience is the wildcard.

When I hired Suzi Istvan of Social Suzi Designs I already knew that I loved her work. She created beautiful sites for my friends Megan Flatt and Maggie Patterson and they raved about working with her.

I knew I was going to love the results of working with Suzi and her team. What surprised me was how much I enjoyed the experience of working with her.

Have you ever taken a big, fluffy blanket out of the dryer and wrapped yourself while it’s still warm? Then you know exactly what it feels like to work with Suzi Istvan. She makes you feel cared for, heard and understood at every stage of the process.

Results are a given. I hired Suzi to create a beautiful, functional website and she delivered. But the experience she created is what set her apart from any other designer or developer I’ve ever worked with. Everyone should know what the Suzi Experience feels like.

The Takeaway: The experience you create for clients is just as important as the results you deliver.

Now it’s your turn

Have you ever made a dramatic shift in your brand? What was your biggest takeaway?

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Jules Taggart is a human-centered content strategist, speaker, consultant and educator. She believes intelligent business growth is fueled by creating meaningful experiences, one client at a time. Jules teaches small business owners how to leverage the relationships they already have to sell their services more consistently. Connect with Jules on Twitter.

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