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Your clients probably spend about 15 hours a day toggling from their laptop to their phone to their tablet to their TV. You want their attention, but so does everyone else. So, what’s an entrepreneur to do?

To loosely quote En Vogue, you’ve got to give them something they can feel. And it starts with your Content Compass.

It’s like a personalized GPS for navigating your ideal customer’s entire journey with you. Let’s map out an engaging content strategy that helps your best clients find you, trust you, buy from you, and ultimately, refer you to everyone they know.

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Have you ever walked by a slot machine, dropped in a quarter, and won $1000? That’s what it felt like working with Jules. No joke. We were delightfully surprised by the level of excellence she brought to all of the work she did for us. She turned the daunting idea of social media and blogging into a focused and manageable plan that we could easily take on. If you want to work with a true professional that will inevitably turn into a person that you want to have a drink with, then Jules is your gal.

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Turn existing client relationships into valuable referrals.

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