Meet Your Team

Meet Your Team

Simply put, I have the best team — which means you do too! Allow me to introduce the smarty-pantses that make up your marketing entourage.


Kathryn Madrid, Director of Operations & Client Care

“That was so easy!” When we hear our clients say this, we know we have Kathryn to thank. She coordinates the team and timelines, making the whole thing feel effortless for our clients.

In her downtime, you can find Kathryn playing at the beach with her family, enjoying a good movie, eating tacos or tasting the newest food truck.


Angela Williams, Content Strategist & Client Relationship Specialist

Meet Angela, our resident wizard of words! Angela has a knack for capturing exactly what clients need to reach their goals and turning that into a strategy for success. She keeps a finger on the latest in content, social media, and marketing trends to make sure our techniques adapt as the world does.

When she’s not working, you can find her watching University of Tennessee sports (Go Vols!) and spending time with her beloved niece.


Cory Young, SEO Specialist

Cory is an expert at helping businesses understand and optimize their site for the puzzle that is Google.  In his spare time, he enjoys boxing, playing the saxophone, and traveling with his wife.


Bill McHale, SEO Specialist

Bill is our resident SEO Specialist (read: SEO Nerd). He has years of experience working with Search data and spends his time trying to better understand Google’s algorithm.
When not geeking out over keywords, Bill enjoys playing board games, learning how to cook, and spending way too much time stressing about how to make coffee.

Jeremy Raymond, WordPress Developer

Jeremy is our resident coder. He takes the ideas and makes them a reality. Whether it’s servicing your existing site or building you a new one, he’s got you covered.

When Jeremy’s not knee-deep in code, he’s an avid gamer, craft beer connoisseur, and master of yard games (I dare you to challenge him in some Spikeball or Kanjam).

Christopher Carbaugh, Web Development Expert

Christopher has over 10 years professional experience as an art director and web development expert. He has a reputation as a creative designer offering professional services of a higher quality. With a strong focus on utilizing the newest technologies paralleled by beautiful and innovative art direction.

In his spare time Chris is traveling to remote places around the world, hiking mountain tops, and sailing.

Brittany Johnson, Video

When you think digital story telling, you should think of Brittany. Brittany Johnson is a filmmaker, writer, and actress. To her, it’s not just about how we can create a video or write a script, but how we can ultimately create and bring to life a believable story geared towards the human experience. She believes video is such a powerful tool when utilized correctly. She has taken classes at The School of Visual Arts, Ringling College of Art and Design, and currently spends her time creating stories of her own, reading poetry, or arguing with her Pomeranian dog, Roxey.

Caroline Sobiesuo, Social Strategist

Meet Caroline, our resident social strategist. Caroline has a solid record of delivering engaging messages to audiences on multiple social platforms.

When she’s not developing or executing social strategy, you can find her traveling the world, eating great food, and making music.

Rita Morales, Website Design & Security

Rita works with entrepreneurs who want to take their online presence to the next level through creative and innovative designs that capture the personality of her clients. She empowers her clients by teaching them how to use their websites effectively through her hands-on approach with each client.

Rita also enjoys reading her next favorite book, hiking, going to the beach, gym or cooking up something delicious and healthy eats for her, her husband and their two boys.


Michael Stover, Copywriter

Michael is a published author, writer, and editor with over a decade of experience creating engaging content for medical, legal, business, education, and religion clients. Over 20 years in public speaking and a lifetime of sarcasm add flavor to his content creation.

When not writing or editing client work, Michael enjoys reading, cooking, old movies, the outdoors, and spending time with his wife, 5 children, and 1 grandson.


Omar Madrid, Coordinator

Omar is the details guy. If you’ve ever wondered how all of your blog posts, email marketing campaigns and social media content get published flawlessly, it’s because Omar is behind the scenes making it happen.

Not only does Omar love to play soccer with his son, but he’s also a great husband. When he’s not whipping up something tasty in the kitchen, he enjoys seafood, carne asadas and a nice cold beer (not necessarily in that order).