6 Brands Rocking Instagram as A Content Marketing Tool


Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m a little late to the Instagram game. But lately I’ve been taking a look at how brands are using Instagram as a content marketing tool and I am taking notes! A few of my favorite tips are below. And if you and I haven’t connected on IG yet, let’s do it!



Danielle LaPorte

When it comes to energy work, crystal magic and Reiki, I’m kinda supremely skeptical. With that said, I love watching Danielle LaPorte do her “woo”. She pulls in a mix of business, life, family and friends that blurs the lines between entrepreneurship and art.

Favorite tip: What does your entire Instagram account say about you? Take a step back from single posts and take a peek at your entire body of work (fun fact: this is called your “quilt”).


Erin Anacker

Looking for an interesting way to promote your blog posts on Instagram? Try a collection of images turned into a video like designer Erin Anacker.

Favorite Tip: To create a richer visual, use a combination of people, places and things.


Run To The Finish

Amanda Brooks McLatchie is a running coach and travel blogger (can you say…best gig EVER?!). Her Instagram feed is devoted to inspiring, challenging and celebrating runners from around the world — and she does it by getting up every day, lacing up her shoes and hitting the pavement.

Favorite Tip: Be your own paparazzi. You don’t need a photographer following you around 24/7 to let people in, on your daily routine.




I’m not no fashionista, but I’m in love with whomever is writing the Madewell Instagram posts. It makes me want to buy one of everything.

Favorite tip: Images obviously matter, but don’t forget to write double-tap-worthy copy!  

had-them-since-high-school vibes / #denimmadewell

A photo posted by Madewell (@madewell1937) on



Every year in April, over 500,000 people flock to Coachella Music Festival in California for a weekend of music, art and shenanigans. This year, Coachella identified musicians and celebrities to “take over” their Instagram account so followers could see Coachella through their eyes.

Favorite tip: Instagram channel takeovers. It’s simple — find someone your followers love and invite them to take over your Instagram account for an hour (or maybe an entire day!).


Dancing in the desert sun.

A photo posted by @coachella on


For The Glow

Have you ever asked yourself if you should be using hashtags on Instagram? The answer is yes. It may feel a little awkward, but using relevant hashtags will help you get found and connect with people you want to follow. Jennifer Jordan over at For The Glow is building a thriving community through hashtags. 

Favorite Tip: Research shows that interactions are highest on Instagram when posts have 11+ hashtags. ELEVEN! Feels weird. Do it anyway. 😉  


Now it’s your turn

Who’d I miss? Who do you love on IG? Share your favorite person to follow on Instagram for content marketing ideas in the comments below!


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Jules Taggart is a human-centered content strategist, speaker, consultant and educator. She believes intelligent business growth is fueled by creating meaningful experiences, one client at a time. Jules teaches small business owners how to leverage the relationships they already have to sell their services more consistently. Connect with Jules on Twitter.

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