Business Lessons from House of Cards

I spent the better part of last weekend logged in to Netflix, gorging myself on the third season of House of Cards. If I learned one thing from this 36 hour extravaganza it’s this: Frank Underwood and his cronies may have sinister intentions than we do, but they also have a lot to teach us [...]

Which Donut Shop Are You?

Ever since I moved to the neighborhood I live in, there has been only one donut shop near my house. Recently a new one popped up (I know…two donut shops within walking distance. Dangerous, right?). The Old School Donut Shop had been there for years before the Fancy Donut Shop decided to come on the [...]

Shouting vs Listening

I was talking with my friend Brian a couple weeks ago and we got into a conversation about what draws more attention online — shouting or listening? I used to be in the “shouting” camp, which is how I ended up on Brian’s podcast in the first place. He asked me to come on the [...]

The #1 Question Clients Want You to Ask

Imagine that you just brought a new client onboard. You are eager to dig in and get started on their project. And since your services are always in high demand, they are pumped to have snagged a spot to work with you. You have an opportunity right now, at that very moment, to ensure they hire you again, [...]

Getting to Yes: A Guide to More Profitable Consultation Calls

Here’s the thing about free consultation calls — any prospective client who actually gets on the phone with you is already 95 percent committed to hiring you. But most people don’t actually want to call you. Don’t worry, it’s not you. It’s just that they’re used to quickly and easily finding whatever they need online and they’d much [...]

One Word Goal

Choosing a One Word Goal for 2015

As I sat down to write out my goals for 2015, I decided to do things a little bit differently this year. Normally, my goals are based on five F’s: family, finances, fitness, fun and future. This isn’t a bad way to set goals. I’ve experienced great success using this method for about the last [...]

Happy Customers

How To Get Repeat Customers: Making Happy Customers Happier

I was at a brewery recently with some friends. When the bartender came over to ask what we wanted, I ordered the IPA (a delicious beer). When he came back, he put two glasses in front of me. One was the IPA, and the other was a tiny taste of their new winter beer. I [...]

Personal Branding

At The Helm: 3 Personal Branding Takeaways

Any conference that sparks at least one new idea and introduces me to at least one new person is a worthy investment of my time and money. Last weekend when I attended the At The Helm conference in Los Angeles, I met some amazing people and came away with not one, but three big ideas [...]

4 Unlikely Content Marketing Questions To Ask Yourself

4 Unlikely Content Marketing Questions To Ask Yourself

Last weekend, I co-hosted Thrive Hive Live — a retreat for women entrepreneurs in San Diego. Throughout the weekend, each woman hatched her own plan for what her business would look like in the next 90 days.  As entrepreneurs, we’ve been trained to create “measurable” goals. And for good reason! It’s hard to reach a goal if you [...]

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