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The 4 Pieces of Content I Created This Summer During My Blogging Hiatus

“If you don’t have something meaningful to say, don’t say anything at all.” As a content strategist, I spend a lot of time working with clients to help them blog consistently. Blogging consistently produces results — there’s no question about it. It can help you grow your audience and become known as a thought leader [...]

The email you write when you don’t get the gig

This is it! The email you’ve been waiting for has finally landed in your inbox! And after all the work you’ve put into attracting this client, creating a customized proposal for them and holding follow up calls to answer questions, you just know that they are going to be as excited to work with you [...]

Why Even Un-sexy Businesses Need Content Marketing

Some businesses are just sexy. There’s no other way to put it. They’re fun to write about and easy to share. People love to talk about them, marketing feels effortless and massive sales are inevitable. And then there’s the rest of us. For every hip tech startup and YouTube fitness sensation out there, there is [...]


6 Brands Rocking Instagram as A Content Marketing Tool

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m a little late to the Instagram game. But lately I’ve been taking a look at how brands are using Instagram as a content marketing tool and I am taking notes! A few of my favorite tips are below. And if you and I haven’t connected on IG yet, let’s do it! [...]


Turning blog post ideas into published posts

It was 7:49 pm on a Friday night and I was staring blankly into my closet. I honestly don’t know how long I had been there looking at the same clothes, totally spacing out. My husband and I were supposed to be at a fancy-shmancy function for his work downtown and I had hit that [...]

marketing strategies - featured

Why we hang on to marketing strategies too long

Something has been bugging me and I have finally (FINALLY!) decided to do something about it. About a year ago I started noticing a huge drop in activity and engagement on my Facebook business page – almost overnight. So, I decided to start tracking what was working and what wasn’t. Know what I found? No [...]

What Maids Can Teach Us About Earning Repeat Business

I recently started working in a co-working space after working from home for the last three years. One of the things I love about leaving my house and coming to an “office” everyday is that I get to meet some really interesting people who are growing exceptional companies. On the flip side of meeting cool [...]

7 Reasons Why Online Entrepreneur Friends Are Awesome

I’m 34 years old and I’m packing for Spring Break (again). I’m about twice the age of normal spring breakers, but I have hardly missed a year since the late 90s. Taking breaks matters. And doing it with people you know you’ll have fun with matters, too. This year, I’m meeting up with four entrepreneur [...]

What Rebranding Can Teach You About Yourself

Last week, I launched my new website (yay!). If you’ve ever rebranded, you know that the process teaches you a ton about the work you do, the people you hire and the way you want to show up with clients. Here are a few of my biggest takeaways. Be prepared to spend some time on [...]

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