The more digital our communication becomes, the more human our conversations need to be.

We create content that helps you forge deeper connections and create more meaningful experiences with your clients.

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You are smart, you’re successful and your services are already in high demand. Right? Then it’s time to stop working with just anyone who lands on your website. You have earned the right to be more strategic (and more choosy!) about the clients you decide to work with.

My name is Jules Taggart. I work with entrepreneurs like you who know that success is not a numbers game.

Despite what some marketing experts say, growth isn’t about bringing in hundreds of clients, thousands of email subscribers, and tens of thousands of social media followers.

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Not if you’re beyond the point of taking on every client that crosses your path.

The marketing and sales strategy that got you where you are today may not get you where you’re going.

You deserve to attract clients who feel connected with you and personally invested in your brand. Let me show you how to develop a relationship-driven content strategy, build upon the relationships you already have to consistently sell your services -- without tarnishing your relationships or your reputation.

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I believe people buy
from people, not brands.

Jules BioA few things you may not (need to) know about me:

  • When forced to choose between wine or dessert, I go with wine (every time).
  • My very first client was a pig named Princess Anastasia Beaverhausen. Annie needed a social media strategy for her latest hip hop music video (naturally). It’s basically just gotten weirder from there.
  • I’ve run 10 half marathons, 2 marathons and 1 ultra marathon. You could say running is my drug of choice.
  • There is no business challenge that can’t be solved MacGyver-style with a Moleskine notebook, a stack of Post-It notes, and three different colors of highlighters. Except burnout — that requires vodka.

Formal Bio:

Jules Taggart is a human-centered content strategist, speaker, consultant and educator. She believes intelligent business growth is fueled by forging deeper connections and creating more meaningful experiences, one client at a time.

Jules has been featured as a content marketing expert on many leading podcasts and websites.

When she’s not working, you can find Jules running near the beach in her hometown of San Diego; riding on the back of a motorcycle with her adrenaline-junkie husband, Jeff; or scrambling to keep up with her ever-curious daughters, Olympia and Helena. 

Connect with Jules on Instagram or Twitter and say hello.

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Turn existing client relationships into valuable referrals.

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